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                                               Using quality materials to withstand  the Uk weather our new roofs are fully guaranteed protecting your property. We can provide new batons joists and roofing felt and all rubbish is removed Leaving your property clean and tidy Peace of mind for years to come


                                                   New build repairs and maintenance flat roofs can be in several types traditional mineral, rubber EPDM and glass fibre …old installations often Create problems but with modern materials solutions are always at hand

And are trouble free lasting for years. Often it can be cheaper to simply

re-coat - peace of mind for years to come


                                                      …our team can inspect and advise ..helping you protect your property - Wind rain frost and snow - Storm damage …extreme uk weather .. we can protect - from small leaks to a complete overhaul means job done ! ….safe

Old warn roofs can be dangerous needing constant repair and maintenance our main point inspection can provide valuable information

The very top of your property ! its exposed to all the worst weather conditions, snow ice, rain dirt grime high Summer temperatures its a wonder they last s long as they do but

one problem can cause serious problems to the roof that protects you and your property ….moss these before and after pictures show what can be achieved

MOSS DAMAGE Replace high maintenance  old wood and protect your  Property for years with  Quality upvc   No more painting With Uk Weather  Damage over time concrete Render deteriates  Modern effective Upvc  protects your home Wind Frost ice snow Storm  damage  Modern plastics  are waterproof for years  - Upgrade your Property protection